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Present it now! is a tool to share the desktop with others.

Since SharedView does not work with IE9 and Netmeeting is not working on Vista/Windows 7 there is a need for a tool to be able to share the desktop with others on the LAN.
This is a simple tool written in C#.

Currently it exports the Primary Monitor to all viewers.

Start up the executable.
Type in a (short) user name - this is important to be able to mark the mouse pointers of the different participants.
Then choose whether you want to present or view.
Present: A service is hosted for this.
For convenience the hosting window shows the IP addresses of the current host.
Remark: Under some circumstances not all IP addresses are shown. If in doubt use ipconfig on the command line to figure out which IP address to give to the viewers.
View: You have to type in the IP address of the presenter, then hit connect. Adjust the quality to get an acceptable framerate.

Please note:
The tool uses port 31415 - currently hardcoded.
And net.tcp as protocol.

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